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Chamomile, Bentonite clay & Celtic Sea Salt Bath

Hydrotherapy, in my opinion is an underutilised therapy in medicine. Considering that every life form on earth is made up primarily of water, it makes sense that we have a natural affinity with it that can facilitate healing. Warm/hot baths are beneficial in times of acute illness as they facilitate perspiration, work as a muscle relaxant & modulate inflammation of the upper & lower respiratory tract in time of acute respiratory illness.

This particular formula is a great remedy for cold & flu type illnesses, however it is relaxing & enjoyable anytime. Chamomile is known for being a relaxing herb & for being beneficial to the digestive system, however it is also useful in cold & flu type conditions and even hay fever, particularly via inhalation which is why adding it to a bath is such a useful remedy for inflammatory conditions of the upper respiratory tract, facilitating clearance of the mucus membranes. Bentonite clay draws out toxins & facilitates their elimination, in addition to aiding circulation. Salt acts to sooth aches & pains & aids detoxification. I use Celtic sea salt for its high mineral concentration, other natural sea salts or Epson salts would work well too.

Chamomile, Bentonite clay & Celtic Sea Salt Bath


1 cup of chamomile flowers

½ cup of Celtic sea salt

½ cup of bentonite clay


Blitz the camomile flowers in the blender until a rough powder has formed (you can put them in whole, but the powder will activate more of the constituents). Pour the bath with the hottest water (only do this step if young children are not around) this means the bath can sit for 20 minutes to allow the chlorine in the water to evaporate & the chamomile to brew. If young children are around, just pour the bath to the desired temperature & bath straight away, it will still be beneficial. Pour ingredients into bath as its pouring. Once the bath has been drawn and is at a suitable warm temperature 39-42°C for an adult 37°C - 38°C for a child 36°C for an infant. Bath for 20-25 minutes, rinse off in the shower, dry off & get back into bed.


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