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By Angel Munro

This is a super fast, nutrition packed meal that I like to enjoy anytime of the day, especially breakfast. It's so easy that it hardly needs a recipe. Keeping all the ingredients organic for this meal will ensure that its super charged. Kale has high levels of vitamin C, that aids healthy immune function, high levels of vitamin K that aids healthy calcium metabolism and high levels of sulphur containing compounds that aid liver detoxification.

Cook a cup of brown rice, allow to cool. Fry up a diced onion in olive oil. Chuck in the rice, 3 or 4 tbsp. of soy sauce (I use tamari), cook for a minute or so then add the kale, washed, stems removed and sliced into thin ribbons. Cook for less than a minute until the kale has just wilted. Makes enough for about four people.

Add a protein

- Throw some almonds or cashews through the stir-fry

- A fried or boiled egg on top

- Add a tempeh or tofu steak on top

- Some pan fried or baked salmon on top


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