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The Omnipresent Essence is a unique formula crafted by Angel Munro using Bach Flower Essences. The omnipresent essence has been developed to help deepen ones connection to divine spirit, earth & the universe. In doing so we move away from worry, fanaticism, judgment, despair, disconnectedness, repeating mistakes & being stuck in the past.


The essence contains Vervain to instil calm, wisdom & tolerance. Crab Apple for self-love & connection. Clematis for being grounded, mindful & present. White Chestnut for a peaceful mind. Chestnut Bud for faith & awareness.


The essence contains spring water, brandy & Bach flower essences:Crab Apple, Clematis, Chestnut Bud, White Chestnut, Vervain.


Bach flower essences are vibrational medicine, keep your hand-crafted essence away from electrical equipment.


Ominpresent Essence

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