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The Radical Self Love Essence is a unique formula crafted by Angel Munro using Bach Flower Essences. The perfect essence when you are experiencing low self-esteem &/or self-loathing. Helps to unconditionally open your heart to your greatest lover, you.


Radical Self Love Essence contains: Agrimony - for mind & body alignment, finding safety in revealing one’s true self. Pine for releasing feelings of unworthiness. Wild Oat to see your gifts & purpose with clarity. Chicory for gentle, kind & unconditional love. Mimulus for love & courage, releasing fear of being alone.


The essence contains spring water, brandy & Bach flower essences: Agrimony, Chicory, Pine, Mimulus, Wild oat.


Bach flower essences are vibrational medicine, keep your hand-crafted essence away from electrical equipment.

Radical Self Love Essence

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