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Angel Munro

Eclectic Medicine & Wholistic Clinical Nutrition

Eclectic & Wholistic Nutritionist - Cook - Educator

Angel Munro holistic naturopathic nutrition
Angel Munro holistic naturopathic nutrition
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Angel Munro holistic medicine & naturopathic nutrition


Angel Munro is a Eclectic & Wholistic Clinical Nutritionist (BHSc Nut Med), a cook & an educator. Angel is committed to healing & optimising health via lifestyle, diet, herbs, & food as medicine interventions. Working with any disease, rather than just treating symptoms, Angel searches for the causes of a disease state in individuals, so real change can occur. With a focus on Food as Medicine and Natural Law Medicine, Angel helps people find vitality & health sovereignty via connecting people back to the medicine of their own life.  Angel is committed to joyful food education, organic & regenerative food systems, seasonality and sustainability.

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