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Cauliflower & Green Olive Salad

Cauliflower & Green Olive Salad

I had something similar to this cauliflower & green olive salad out and about & I had to recreate it is so delicious. Full of flavour and vitality as well as many beneficial herbs, spices & good fats. The star of the salad, cauliflower, is part of the cruciferous family and like all the cruciferous vegetables, has anti-cancer properties most likely due the detoxifying properties of compounds found in brassicas such as sulphorophane & indole-3-carbinole.

This salad is a real knock out & perfect addition to middle eastern style feast.

It makes 3-4 side servings


· 1 head of cauliflower (approximately 550g)

· olive oil

· 220g jar organic green pitted olives, cut in half

· Large handful of parsley, large stems removed, roughly chopped

· Large handful of mint, large stems removed, roughly chopped

· Large handful of fennel fronds or dill, large stems removed, roughly chopped

· 1 small chili seeds removed. Sliced in half length ways, then sliced thinly

· 3 spring onion, sliced thinly

· Zest of 1 lemon

· ½ cup of roasted cashews

· 4 garlic cloves, minced

· ½ tsp sumac


  • Heat oven to 180˚C. Cut cauliflower into bite-sized pieces. Place on a baking tray and toss with olive oil, and a sprinkle of salt. Roast, stirring occasionally, until cauliflower is golden on the outside & cooked through but still firm enough to not fall apart, 30 minutes or so.

  • Blitz cashews in a blender until roughly chopped. alternatively use a mortar and pestle or just chop with a knife on a chopping board.

  • Add a small swig of olive oil in a small fry pan. Add olives, chili & garlic, cook until the garlic is translucent but not brown, 3 minutes or so. Add the spring onions &. turn off the heat. Add to the cauliflower with the cashews & mix.

  • When the cauliflower mix is cool place in a bowl along with the fresh herbs, lemon zest, olives & sumac. Toss to combine & check for seasoning.

Cauliflower & Green Olive Salad



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