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Dry Body Brushing

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Dry body brushing is a daily self care routine that removes dead skin cells & the aids excretion of the cellular waste, additionally dry brushing moves removes toxins accumulating in the peripheral to be excreted by the lymphatic system.

A healthy body eliminates its waste through the kidneys, lungs, colon and skin via the lymphatic system. When there are issues with proper elimination, our bodies accumulate waste & harmful substances. The world that we live in means that we are constantly bombarded with environmental toxins including pesticides, heavy metals, organic pollutants, plastics & EMF’s. Extra care is needed to not only to minimise our exposure but to safely eliminate these susbstances. Inability to clear waste & toxins from the body leads to tissue damage & disease.

In the words of Dr Robert Morse “What we eat, drink, breathe and put on our skin, is how we bring the outside chemistry in!” Dry brushing is one way to help us bring the toxins out!

When dry brushing, use a brush made from natural fibers like the one here. Brush the body prior to bathing or showering in the morning to facilitate the removal of dead skin cells and to aid elimination and lymphatic drainage. The waste we accumulate is acidic & inflammatory in nature. While some sources may direct one to brush the body upwards and toward the heart region. This is ill advised as it brings acidity towards the heart. It is best is to gently guide the brush using soft to medium pressure, towards the direction of drainage as shown in the diagram bellow (image via Dr Peter Jenstchura). Move the brush in a circular direction on the knees and elbows & avoid brushing sensitive areas.

Benefits of Dry brushing at a glance:

· stimulating cellular waste & toxin removal via lymphatic system

· reduces acidic & inflammatory agents

· exfoliating the skin

· increasing circulation and energy

· relaxing

Avoid areas such as:

· rashes

· psoriasis

· wounds

· sensitive areas

Make sure you rinse your brush after you have completed your brushing routine & leave it out to dry, ideally in the sun.

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