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Grounding Meditation & Spiritual Hygiene Practice for Hydroelectric Energy Beings

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

There are many ways to categorise disease & explain why it is on the rise in almost all areas. Modern allopathic medicine largely blames genes, germs, and sometimes even bad luck for this phenomenon. Even modern naturopathic medicine & other forms of natural medicine have adopted these theories. However, there is a large body of evidence, suggesting otherwise.

Accumulation of toxins from pharmaceuticals, pesticides, heavy metals, cleaning products, personal care products, plastics, emfs & municipal water supply, as well as spiritual & emotional disconnection, poor nutrition, lack of sunlight & sedentarism to name a few, can be underlying causes of disease, most commonly, it will be a combination of several of those factors. Personally, I see it as a disconnection to spirit & nature, that is at the very root cause of our predicament. We have forgotten that we are one with & part of this earth & this universe. That our vitality & abundance comes from a symbiotic partnership with both spirit and nature.

At times it can seem overwhelming to live a wholistic lifestyle; exercise, eat organic locally sourced wholefood, have joy & purpose, be in nature, exercise, dry body brush, sauna, practice grounding/earthing, avoid toxins, meditate etc etc. You end up with the feeling of “how the heck am I meant to fit this all in”. Living a busy life in the city myself, I know I have often felt that way, which is why I developed this practice a couple of years ago out of necessity. This practice means I integrate some of my non negotiables in a joyful way that doesn’t make me feel like I am burdened by trying to live well.

I do this meditation in the park when I’m out for a run, I stop at a grassy spot with sun exposure, sit down, take my shoes & socks off, & place my palms & feet on the ground. This practice combines visualisation & grounding techniques with the added biological affects of gaining elections from the sun & earth that hydrate the cells & the tissues of the body. Never mind whether the sun is visible or not, even on overcast days you will still absorb the infrared energy that the sun radiates. This is the ultimate wholistic practice for busy humans searching for harmony with spirit & nature.

The three core elements of this practice are grounding/earthing, visualisation/meditation & sunlight exposure. Below is further information of the significance of these elements.

What is grounding/earthing?

Humans are the only creatures on this earth that are physically disconnected from the earth and disconnected by choice. This is a new phenomenon of our own doing. In past civilisations we slept on the ground, on natural bedding made of straw, wool, or animal hide. We now sleep far away from the earth on beds made from synthetic material. Additionally, many people live in high rises, further separated from the electromagnetic field from the earth. We no longer walk barefoot or with basic leather footwear like our ancestors, instead we are separated from the earth with synthetic soles, which interrupts the electron transference. Today, it is very rare for people to walk bare feet or to get their bare feet on the ground at all.

Grounding with bare feet on the grass, dirt, sand or stone reduces inflammation, reduces pain, improves sleep, energy & increases melatonin production normalises cortisol decreases stress, reduces blood viscosity & improves flow, improves glucose (blood sugar) regulation & BMR, prevents calcium and bone density loss, reduces indicators of osteoporosis, grounds the body’s bioelectrical circuits, improves energy, positively influences thyroid gland function, aids muscle recovery from exercise, accelerates wound healing, regulates hormonal function, shields body against low frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and has anti-aging effects. This occurs due to the gathering of electrons from the earths electromagnetic field, providing a negative charge to our structured water, aiding mitochondrial function.

What is Spiritual Hygiene?

Steiner states that there four bodies. Etheric, emotional, mental & physical and that health comes from attention, care & nourishment to all four bodies via a creative & natural life.

Researchers such as Dr Emoto & Veda Austin have shown the effects of negative emotional language on waters structure & also, waters ability to communicate via images. The significance of this is that we are water. The mainstream estimate is that our bodies are 60-70% water. Researchers in the field such as Dr Gerald Pollack estimate the figure is closer to 99% in molecular weight. If we are water & water restructures itself in response to the messaging it receives, it makes sense that the energetic information that is coming in & out of our etheric, emotional, mental & physical body needs care, attention & hygiene.

When energy isn’t cleared from your aura otherwise known as you etheric or energy body, it settles into the physical body & into the tissues causing disease. Its well documented that stress & depression has a biological effect on the body moving the body out of its natural homeostatic state into allostasis, otherwise known as disease. Chinese medicine has understood for centuries that emotions that are not cleared cause disease to associated organs, sadness & depression damages the lungs, fear effects the kidneys & bladder, displaced spirit can affect the heart & pericardium & overthinking & pensiveness can affect the spleen & stomach. Having a daily practice may not solve every mater of the spirit and emotional bodies, sometimes we need to see a counsellor or to do deeper emotional work. However, a regular practice like this one, will have a profound impact on your overall emotional, spiritual & physical health. Even scientific research acknowledges that spiritual maintenance not only positively influences our physical health, but it also improves our ability to express care & compassion for others.

What is sunlight therapy beyond vitamin D?

There are many known benefits of vitamin D from sun exposure including bone health, reduced rate of acute illness, mood modulation & improved cardiovascular health. There are further benefits from safe sun exposure including metabolic function, hormonal function, detoxification & anti aging effects.

The infrared light from the sun gathers electrons, and like what we see with grounding, these electrons negatively charge the structured water in our cells & tissues, feeding the mitochondria. Mitochondria provide the hydroelectric life force that we need to thrive & survive.

Sunlight exposure increases mitochondrial function & proliferation. Increased mitochondrial function means appropriate pregnenolone production, the mother of all hormones. Pregnenolone is produced in the mitochondria from cholesterol and is the starting material in the production of testosterone, progesterone, cortisol, estrogen, and other hormones. Balanced hormonal production positively effects, metabolism, reproduction, cardiovascular heath, circadian rhythms, mood & energy levels. Additionally, mitochondria appear to play an important role in maintaining a diverse & balanced microbiome essential for not only gut health but almost every function in the body.

This combined practice has the capacity to positively influence one’s health on a biological, physical, emotional & etheric level. The beauty of it is you can do it as often as you like & for as long as you like. However, I suggest at least 5-15 minutes 3-5 times a week to notice the benefits.


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Grounding Meditation & Spiritual Hygiene Practice for Hydroelectric Energy Beings
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