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Cell Squared Bovine Beef Gelatin Powder is Sourced from 100% grass-fed & finished cows which graze upon native pastures in Gulf Region of Australia. Certified pasture raised cattle roam free on some of the country's most fertile land, where the yearly monsoon season revitalises the natural grasses and nutrient rich soil.

This natural premium grade, amino-rich gelatin is partially hydrolysed, pure collagen. Unlike collagen peptides, it is able to harden in a jelly-like texture, making it perfect for your cooking needs - use in desserts, gummies, broths, stews & more.


Use this Gelatin to supercharge your cooking by sneaking amino nutrient boost into the family's meals. 18 amino acids providing nutritional support for:


  • Skin Health
  • Gut Health
  • Muscle Health
  • Bone Health
  • Digestive System Health 



This gelatin is sustainably created right here in Australia. Coming from a family of multi-generation traditional cattle farmers.


  • Certified Pasture Fed Cattle (PCAS)
  • Premium Standard 100% grass fed
  • Independently tested & verified
  • Lab tested/proven nutritional content 
  • Industry standard purity tests
  • 100% natural bio-available amino acids
  • GMO & Glyphosate free
  • No pesticides, antibiotics, hormines
  • Australian sourced, made & owned



~ Type I & III collagen to maintain the health of skin, hair, nails, bones, tendons, ligaments, tissue & muscles.

~Used in cooking

~ 18 pure amino acids

~ Skin health: Improve elasticity, firmness & hydration, repair damaged skin

~ Assist in managing the effects of aging

~ Gut health: Support digestion & repair of cells ling the gut interior

~ Can help with leaky gut, IBS & detoxification

~ Muscles health: Promotes muscle, tendon & ligament recovery

~ Amino profile that assists with muscle growth & creatine formation

~ Bone Health: Support bone mineral density, growth and strength

~ Improve cartilage & joint health




100% Grass-Fed & Finished Bovine Beef Gelatin Powder
450g (45 x 10g serves)


How to Use

~ 1 tablespoon equals approx 10g

~ HOW TO BLOOM GELATIN - By adding 1:3 ratio of gelatin to water in a bowl and stir until it becomes soft. Gently heat 250ml liquid of choice until warm and stir until dissolved. Pour into moulds or a glass bowl and refrigerate for 2 hours (until set)

Cell Squared Gelatin Powder 450g

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