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Organic Hibiscus powder


Ingredients: Organic Hibiscus Powder (Hibiscus sabdariffa)


Hibiscus is rich in vitamin C, iron, calcium and various phytonutrients. Ruby red in colour and a tart, sour taste. Hibiscus aids the formation of blood vessels, improves blood flow & reduces blood pressure, reduces menstrual pain, improves mood, is anti-inflammatory, aids detoxification, aids metabolism and has anticarcinogenic properties.


Add to hot or cold water as a quick fresh drink, tastes like ice tea, put on top of a breakfast of yogut, fruit & granola, use it to make mocktails, add it to homemade face masks.


Directions: stir ½ -1 tsp of hibiscus powder in a cup of cold or hot filtered water.


Home compostable natural cellophane packaging. Excluding the label.


Quick pink lemonade


1 tsp of hibiscus

½- 1 tsp of raw honey

Juice of ½-1 lemon

Soda water


Mix all of the ingredients except the soda water until well combined add a bit of boiling water to dissolve the honey & hibiscus if you need to. Then add the soda water to taste. Go so slow as it bubbles up a lot.


Quick face mask


Equal parts hibiscus power

Bentonite clay

Organic yogurt


Mix all together & apply to the face, wash off after 10 minutes.


Certified Organic Hibiscus Powder 80g

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