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Yarrow, Elderflower & Peppermint Tea

Cold & Flu – Healing Assist

A classic herbal combination, YEP tea facilitates the natural healing process that is necessary in acute cold & flu conditions. YEP shortens the duration of colds & flu without suppresing the natural detoxification pathways. YEP is pleasent to taste & suitable for all ages.

Yarrow Achillea millefolium - increases sweating to help break are fever rather than suppressing it. Letting a fever safely run its course is associated with better recovery rates than when a fever is suppressed. Furthermore, the likelihood of cancer is reduced when people don’t suppress fevers in cases of acute illness over a course of a lifetime.

Elderflower Sambuccus nigra - increases sweating, anti-inflammatory, anticarcinogenic, shortens duration of colds and flu without supressing the healing process. Incredible herb for acute respiratory conditions.

Peppermint Mentha piperita -calming to the nervous system & modulates the stress response in acute illness. It settles the stomach & mildly reduces the effects of colds & flu without supressing the healing process.  


Infuse in boiling water, steep for 10 minutes before straining & consuming



1 tsp per cup.

Infants & children under 3, 30 ml 3 x per day

Ages 3+ 1 cup 3 x per day

Adults & Children 12+

1-2 tsp per cup, 1 cup 3 x per day

Certified Organic YEP Tea 30g

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