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Cusch x Angel Munro

Mini Arch in Earth

Handmade in Melbourne


Our health is a result of the state of our four planes of consciousness: spiritual, mental, emotional & physical.

Our homes, colours, scents & sounds effect our mood & therefore wellbeing.

Your space is important. Life is the medicine.


This sculpture is made of a sand and cement mix around a hollow form in the shape of an arch. Each work is handmade, individual in its shape, size and detailing. This arch is mini in size, with a very rough grainy textured finish and a small hole in one side.


Size Approx. L15 x H10 x W8 cm


The ‘Arch’ requires a little care of the corners when moving. Due to the desired textural finish, it may lose grain crumbs when bumped. If residue falls upon the artwork, gently clean using a dry soft brush.


Cusch x Angel Munro - Mini Arch in Earth

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