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The Vibrational Detox Essence is a unique formula crafted by Angel Munro using Bach Flower Essences. This is the perfect essence to take when you have been feeling emotionally stressed & you are starting to see it manifest physically in your body, presenting in musculoskeletal soreness & rigidity, allergies, headaches, fatigue, anxiety, weakness, exhaustion &/or sluggishness.


With Vervain to balance emotional overextension, Beech to release blame & to promote self-responsibility & humility. Wild Oat for feeling lost & to instil a sense of purpose. Rock Rose to release fear & panic & to connect to your higher self. Willow for the inner strength & faith to release victimhood. Olive for revitalisation from mental & physical exhaustion.


The essence contains spring water, brandy & Bach flower essences: Beech, Willow, Vervain, Rock Rose, Olive & Wild Oat


Bach flower essences are vibrational medicine, keep your hand-crafted essence away from electrical equipment.


Vibrational Detox Essence

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