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This is a great mix for people transitioning from Tabaco smoking or for cerimonial use.

Often when someone quits smoking, Tabaco or other substances, emotions arise that have been suppressed. In Chinese medicine the lungs & throat can represent despair, sadness, grief & depression. The Vedas attribute blockages of the heart chakra, which governs the lungs, to a broken heart, a closed heart, unworthiness, low self-esteem, jealousy & conditional love. When the heart chakra is in balance love, compassion & acceptance for self & others can flow. When the throat chakra is blocked it can represent angry words and matters of the heart left unsaid, shifting this allows for open & creative communication.
The herbs in this mix are healing & not at all addictive; however, this is not suggested for chronic use but rather for a pathway to healing or occasional ceremonial use. Smoking herbal blends is not recomended for pregnant women or for people under the age of 18.

This also makes a delicious tea.
A 25g bag contains
Mullein – Calming lung tonic used via smoking in Native American culture for lung & throat conditions.
Nettle - Respiratory illness, used via smoking in early European cultures for lung conditions.
Lavender – Relaxing, throat chakra opening.
Chamomile- Relaxing, mild sedative.
Rose - Relaxing & heart opening, rose helps heal a broken heart.


The natural cellophane packaging is home compostable.

Heart & Throat Chakra Opening Organic Smoke Mix

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