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Rose is an uplifting, stunningly aromatic & high frequency herb that has the strongest affinity to the energetics of the heart than any other herb. Rose assists in healing, forgiveness, resolution & unconditional love to the heart that needs it. Rose opens the heart up to self-love & has the ability to reach old wounds of the heart that are hidden under the past.
The lungs & cardiovascular system are particularly sensitive to depression, sadness, grief & sorrow. So, it is no surprise that rose is beneficial for both the cardiovascular & respiratory systems. In addition, rose is beneficial to the female reproductive system, the nervous system & the gastrointestinal system.

Rose is astringent, relaxing, cooling, is an antioxidant and modulates the inflammatory response.

Nutritionally, rose contains high amounts of vitamin C, flavonoids, calcium & iron.


In cooking Rose petal powder can be used in baking, to make rose whipped cream, in smoothies, lux hot chocolates and yoghurt.


Use it to make my Rasberry & Rose Love Cake recipe Here


I love 1-2 tsp in 400ml of water for an uplifting way to hydrate.


Rose powder makes a lovely natural face mask when mixed with yogurt & honey or bentonite clay & apple cider vineger.



Organic Red Rose Powder 25g

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