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With magnesium to relax the muscles & neurological system (you can find more on magnesium here) & Rose & rose geranium to stimulate the senses.

Rose is an uplifting, stunningly aromatic & high frequency herb that has the strongest affinity to the energetics of the heart than any other herb. Rose assists in healing, forgiveness, resolution & unconditional love to the heart that needs it. Rose opens the heart up to self-love & has the ability to reach old wounds of the heart that are hidden under the past.

Rose geranium is uplifting & is balancing to the adrenals , hormonal system & nervous system. To the skin, rose geranium is cleansing, promotes wound healing & helps to keep skin supple & clear.


Ingredients: Magnesium chloride flakes, organic red rose petals (rosa centifolia), organic red rose petal powder, organic rose geranium pure essential oil (Pelargonium graveolens)


Directions: Tip the entire contents of the bag into a warm-hot bath & enjoy.

Home compostable natural cellophane packaging. Excludes label.

Rose & Magnesium Sensory Soak 150g

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