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The Ins & Outs of Snacking

Health snacks

Snacking or a grabbing a quick light meal is one of of the areas where people land themselves in trouble when it comes to diet. The main reason for this is grabbing for pre-made snacks from the supermarket laden with additives, preservatives & seed oils that work as endocrine disruptors causing metabolic & hormonal disruption. This applies to many snacks marketed as health food & for weight loss. When we gain weight, erroneously, we then blame the calories in food when it’s not the calorie’s fault. In fact, including fats like avocado, cheese, full cream yogurt, nuts & nut butters, seeds & seed butters to your snacks, is the best choice as not only are they a nutrient dense, but they also keep you satisfied for longer, regulate blood sugar & provide essential messengers for healthy metabolic & hormonal function.

Some of my favourite go to snacks/light meals

Cottage cheese, nuts & berries

Full cream yogurt & berries

Homemade humus & veggies

My seedy crackers & cheese

Sliced apple or celery with cheese or nut butter

Cup of instant miso with avocado, tamari, sesame seeds & hemp seeds

My Club Swim Breakfast Cookie

If you do need to grab a quick snack or treat that’s pre-made & not laden with additives, seed oils l (like vegetable, canola & soy) & preservatives, follow the link here, where you’ll find my list for snacks & treats with products like, Loco Love chocolates, avocado oil chips, dried fruit, instant miso & activated almonds. Use code ANGEL for 10% off.


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