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Grounding Meditation & Spiritual Hygiene Practice for Hydroelectric Energy Beings - A2 Poster

I'm bringing you my daily meditation in the form of this beautiful print to hang on your wall to serve as your daily reminder to tend to your spiritual self & to connect with nature. This grounding meditation marries a simple spiritual hygiene practice with the new biology, using grounding techniques as well as quantum healing from the sun to positively affect our etheric & biological bodies.  In our busy modern life, it’s difficult to fit in all the things we know we need. This is why I started meditating whilst grounding barefoot in the day light so I could in fact, fit it all in! It turned out to be such a dynamic practice that is so essential for my wellbeing, I was inspired to share it. Each A2 print comes with an A5 handout with the instructions for the practice. Once you read the steps a few times, you’ll find it easy to remember & you’ll be able to do this anywhere, a beach, a park, near a waterfall.


Print details


Locally & sustainably printed on 200GSM matte, chlorine free 100% recycled paper.

A2 (420mm x 594mm)

Fits a standard A2 frame


To read more on spiritual hygiene, grounding (otherwise known as earthing) and the benefits of sun exposure you can read more here where you can also find a free printable PDF of the practice (the same as the A5 handout not the poster). The PDF meditation instructions can be handy to have on your phone.

Spiritual Hygiene for Hydroelectric Beings Poster - Size A2

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